About us

Hailing from (occasionally) sunny Portland, Oregon, a recognized trend setter packed with microbreweries, tea, coffee, tattooed foodies, weird ice cream, more eateries than squirrels, coffee, a busy food startup scene, bearded baristas (did we mention coffee?) it is no surprise that this place would be fertile ground for the next spin in food tech innovation.

XcuseMe App is a brain child of a couple of East Coast transplants who love the food culture of Portland, and would eagerly roll the dice on a new pizza lead from some fellow ex-New Yorker (hope dies last). Borrowing from her experience as a waitress and floor manager in one of Manhattan's iconic eateries (featured in a bunch of movies, mind you), and being notoriously impatient when it comes to "where the hell is the waiter?", Katya exclaimed one day to her husband Alex: "...it's almost 2020, instead of waiving my hand in the air with "'xcuse me! 'xcuse me!" why can't I just have an app to let the server know what I want?". 

So that's how XcuseMe App was born. Most of our story is still to be written, but our team is hard at work on the first truly hardware-less (we carry the best hardware in our pockets) solution to the ages-old question of "where the hell is my waiter?". This question is becoming more and more pressing in the age of mobile phones, chatting, and minimum wage when many restaurants are struggling to balance between making their employees and guests happy, while staying financially afloat.  

Our Founding Team